Empowering the Next Generation of Journalism


Sho Rust
CEO (Designer / Researcher)
Whittney Twomey
COO (Product Builder)
Michael Machiah
Co CTO (Engineer)
Mathis Obadia
Co CTO (AI / Engineer)


Sho Rust was raised in a family deeply connected to the local newspaper community, where he gained firsthand insight into the challenges of the publishing industry. Following a successful venture in the AI sector with SHO.ai, he reunited with his former associates and friends – Whitney, Michael, and Mathis – to support his family and other publishers in addressing the contemporary obstacles of the newspaper business.

Sho and his team have acquired extensive knowledge about effective practices in publishing. They realized that while there is a lot of advice available, it is usually the bigger newspapers that manage to implement it successfully. This realization led them to see an opportunity to help a wider range of people in the publishing community.

This led to the creation of PubGen.AI, a platform that merges their digital expertise with the insights of industry veterans. The goal is to build a system that enhances the work of journalists, using advanced design, revenue-generation strategies, and artificial intelligence. This innovative approach empowers journalists by automating routine tasks, thereby allowing them to allocate more time and energy to in-depth reporting and storytelling.

But supporting publishers in navigating the evolving media landscape isn't just about their success—it's about preserving the integrity of information in our society. The content produced by publishers plays a key role in helping search engines and social media platforms determine the reliability of news. When there's a decline in quality journalism, misinformation rises. Ensuring that our communities are well-informed is essential for sustaining democracy and making informed decisions for the future.

— Sincerely,

The PubGen.AI Team