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Maximize Local Resources

By streamlining the writing process, PubGen enables journalists to make the most of their local resources. This platform allows writers to focus on content creation while offering user-friendly features for writing, image manipulation, and optimal placement within the publication's context.

AI-Powered Content Creation

PubGen empowers journalists to generate images, stories, leads, and headlines using AI technology that adheres to journalistic standards. This innovative approach allows news outlets to produce more content efficiently, all while maintaining their reputation as a trusted source for local news.
The difference — Context aware AI
Story, Archive, Section, Journalist, Audience, Identity, rules
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Enhance Reader Engagement

PubGen also offers the option to align your publication with a brand-specific AI chatbot, which serves both journalists and readers as an "AI help desk." This AI chatbot is trained on past stories and the content of the publication(s) it serves, ensuring reliable assistance and engagement with your audience.
The difference — Context aware AI
Story, Archive, Identity (Publication Information)

Effortless Subscription Management

Manage your publication's subscriptions and payments effortlessly with PubGen. Grow your revenue by overseeing subscribers, implementing controlled access, and integrating with third-party payment systems like STRIPE. Customize your subscription pipeline to align with your business model, and have the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.
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Seamless Third-Party Integrations

PubGen.AI provides seamless integration with trusted third-party apps. This includes popular platforms like MailChimp, AP News, Google Ads, and more. These one-step integrations offer convenience and efficiency.
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Chat / AI Text + Image Generation

Utilize OpenAI's Chatbot for interactive content generation and Text-to-Image feature for creating compelling visuals to enhance your media.
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Integrate seamlessly with Mailchimp to enable effortless synchronization of content and campaigns for streamlined email marketing.
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Integrate smoothly with Stripe, to offer secure and convenient payment processing for seamless financial transactions.
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Live / Dynamic
News Feeds

Collaborate with the Associated Press to leverage their extensive news resources to provide comprehensive coverage.
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Provide insightful data analysis with Google Analytics to optimize content strategy and user engagement.

Additional features

All-in-one AI enabled platform for publishers.

Our powerful, self-serve product and growth features help you convert, engage, and retain more readers. PubGen.AI is crafted to position you at the forefront of digital technology, cultivate a devoted audience, and guide you towards lasting sustainability.

Automated weather

Display real-time weather data and alerts with a simple coordinate input.

Incredible Performance

Enjoy fast page-load speeds with PubGen.AI, optimizing your site's performance.

Google Adsense

Choose from over 10 global placements as you’re creating content using PubGen.AI Ad blocks.

Streamlined Sign-up Flows

Our sign-up flow, along with our partnership with Stripe, make signing up easier than ever. Simple choices, simple flows, faster conversions.

Migration Services

With rare exceptions, migration is free. With the help of editorial, engineering and design specialists who ensure an easy transition sites go live within an average of one week.

Online Support

Our dedicated support and engineering teams are readily available on Slack for PubGen.AI, handling a wide range of inquiries from instructional and technical to business-related questions.